Vlsi Design Subsystem Design Processes And Illustration

This revised textbook has been updated and it covers several topics such as nMos, BiCMOS, CMOS and gallium arsenide technologies in every aspect. It presents readers with a direct and inclusive treatment of VLSI design processes and rules of designs. This is particularly helpful for novice digital system designers or students.

This book contains several chapters on review of microelectronics, introduction to MOS technology, MOS and BiCMOS circuit design processes, basic electrical properties of MOS and BiCMOS circuits, MOS circuit scaling, basic concepts of circuits, subsystem design processes, subsystem design and layout, illustration of the design processes, memory, registers and aspects of system timings, computational elements, practical aspects and testability, ultra-fast VLSI circuits and systems, CMOS design projects, introduction to GaAs technologies and a few other references for further reading.

This book includes a successful and innovative design methodology based on the ring diagrams for GaAs circuits. It also includes an expanded and better coverage of arithmetic circuits, scaling and an in-depth treatment of the microtechnologies meant for the design of different VLSI circuits.

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