Understanding Cybersecurity Management in FinTech

Understanding Cybersecurity Management in FinTech By Arash Habibi Lashkari, Gurdip Kaur, and Ziba Habibi Lashkari
English | Computer Learning | 2021 | PDF & EPUB | 21.7 MB

This book uncovers the idea of understanding cybersecurity management in FinTech. It commences with introducing fundamentals of FinTech and cybersecurity to readers. It emphasizes on the importance of cybersecurity for financial institutions by illustrating recent cyber breaches, attacks, and financial losses. The book delves into understanding cyber threats and adversaries who can exploit those threats. It advances with cybersecurity threat, vulnerability, and risk management in FinTech. The book helps readers understand cyber threat landscape comprising different threat categories that can exploit different types of vulnerabilties identified in FinTech. It puts forward prominent threat modelling strategies by focusing on attackers, assets, and software and addresses the challenges in managing cyber risks in FinTech. The authors discuss detailed cybersecurity policies and strategies that can be used to secure financial institutions and provide recommendations to secure financial institutions from cyber-attacks.

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