Top 3 Best Free Text Editors For Web Developers


Top 3 Best Text Editors

For a web developer, a nice text editor is always a big help. Once you start writing codes, you may be stuck at many times to find which elements are connected with each other & when your text editor finds it automatically for you, its always a big help & many code editor nowadays comes with Distraction Free Mode that can ease your work & you can work on your code without any distractions. In this post i will show you best free text editors.

#1 – Brackets


This is one of the best text editors & this is my personal favorite, as a web designer, i love this text editor because it helps me with code in various ways. This text editor is one of the best if you’re looking to design using css in a effective way. Since its a open source software, you don’t have to look for any other text editor or pirated copies of this.


  • Modern & light weight – Brackets is a modern text editor that makes it easy to design in the browser.
  • Preprocessor Support – With Brackets you can use Quick Edit and Live Highlight with your LESS and SCSS files which will make working with them easier than ever.
  • Live Preview – Get a real-time connection to your browser. Make changes to CSS and HTML and you’ll instantly see those changes on screen.
  • Plugins Support – With supported plugins, you can even enhance brackets to your needs.
  • Themes – Multiple themes are available in Brackets that you can apply to give it a nice look.

#2 – Sublime Text


One of the best text editors that are available out there & this is loved by millions of web developers out there. You can even code in many other programming languages that are available because sublime text makes it easier. This is my second favorite text editor to work on my code & this is my second preference too. Since this is free for personal/non-commercial use, you can use it indefinitely.


  • Multiple Selections – Multiple selections allow you to interactively change many lines at once, rename variables with ease, and manipulate files faster than ever.
  • Command Palette – The Command Palette holds infrequently used functionality, like sorting, changing the syntax and changing the indentation settings. With just a few keystrokes, you can search for what you want.
  • Distraction Free Mode – When you need to focus, Distraction Free Mode is there to help you out. Distraction Free Mode is full screen, chrome free editing, with nothing but your text in the center of the screen.
  • Split Editing – Get the most out of your wide screen monitor with split editing support. Edit files side by side, or edit two locations in the one file.
  • Customize Anything – Key Bindings, Menus, Snippets, Macros, Completions and more – just about everything in Sublime Text is customizable with simple JSON files.

#3 – Notepad++


Notepad++ is third best text editor out there. It is free & open source & this is my third preferrence. This program is written in c++  & it uses pure Win32 API & STL (Standard Template Library) which make’s environment for higher execution speed & reduces size of program.


  • Syntax Highlighting and Syntax Folding
  • Multi-Document (Tab interface)
  • Multi-Language environment supported
  • Macro recording and playback
  • More…

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