Super Easy Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker Cookbook

Enjoy mouthwatering pellet smoker creations in no time
Get the tools to get smoking fast with easy-to-follow recipes and cooking guides perfect for any brand of smoker. Learn the basics of setting up a wood pellet smoker, letting it do its magic, and developing smokehouse-worthy smoke rings (no babysitting required).

This super easy wood pellet cookbook includes:

No frills breakdowns—Get the know-how on different pellet types, key internal temperatures, and how to maximize flavor with minimal effort.
Recipes for any taste—Enjoy flavorful creations with all kinds of ingredients, from classic smoked brisket to smoky guacamole.
Love for rubs, too—A dedicated chapter on rubs and marinades means you’ll never run out of flavor combinations.
Pick up this smoker cookbook and chown down on some of the best-tasting foods in just a matter of hours.


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