Shipping Container Homes – A Beginners Guide to an Affordable, Innovative Home

Are you a young adult looking to buy your first house but finding prices outrageous?
Do you care about sustainability and the impact you have on the environment?
Does having a hand in building your home appeal to you?

Many first-time homebuyers will find that economic instability and steep listing prices can make purchasing a house feel like an impossible feat.
This is especially true in areas prone to extreme weather, where finding a house that is reliably built and able to withstand the severe conditions can be difficult—and expensive.
But going the route of traditional mobile and modular homes will leave you stuck in one place once the construction is complete.
If you are facing any of these problems, then building your own shipping container home could be the solution you’re looking for!
Shipping Container Homes will empower you to embrace alternative housing options and to set the course for a sustainable future.
Young people who are struggling to navigate the overpriced housing market and want a home fitted exactly to their needs will find the appeal of shipping container homes unbeatable.

Put an end to your house hunt as Shipping Container Homes teaches you how to:
Prepare financially with code considerations and material sourcing
Select and acquire the perfect lot and foundation to suit your needs
Create floor plans and discover options for exterior designs
Customize each feature of your home, from drywall to appliances
Don’t let the challenges of the housing market discourage you from your dream of owning your first home.
Pick up your copy of Shipping Container Homes; the future home you desire is within your reach!

Download (8.7 MB):


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