Raising Goats – A Beginner’S Guide To Manage, Raise And Breed Healthy Goats

Well, if you consider yourself a beginner and want to enhance your knowledge base about managing goats, then you must grab this book. The book “Raising Goats” has a detailed guide on how goats should be raised, managed, and bred. The information revolves around “Everything a beginner needs to know about goats”. It can assist you in setting clear goals for raising goats. The author has described the pros and cons of your goals and how they can benefit you in the longer run.
One incredible thing described by the author is “How you should think like a goat” to raise them properly. It covers knowledge gathered from farmers, breeders, goat owners, and experts in this field.

It is a perfect blend of professional knowledge and tricks shared by the researchers.
Even if you want to raise a goat as a pet, you can gain knowledge about them. Just like every other animal, a goat also needs some particular type of care and attention. You’ll learn all those basic tricks and tips that a layman needs to know before owning a goat.

In this book, you will learn about:
Identification of different breeds of goats
Traits of each breed
Gestation period
The nutrition required for healthy goats
Tips and tricks for raising healthy goats

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