Perennial Gardening – How You Can Create a Perennial Garden and Grow Flowers, Vegetables, Shrubs, Herbs and Fruit

Discover how to create an amazing perennial garden!

Have you ever dreamed of having and maintaining an alluring garden with colorful perennial flowers and exquisite produce?

Have you ever considered growing your own fruit or vegetables?

Do you always imagine yourself tending your garden and harvesting your produce with the seasons?

If you answered yes, it is time to turn your dream into reality.

The first step is to acquire the basic knowledge contained within this book that will encourage you to design the garden of your dreams.

In this book, you will:
Learn everything about perennial flowers, fruit, vegetables, herbs, and shrubs
Gain knowledge about the often-overlooked aspects of designing a garden
Examine the various factors to consider when starting a perennial garden and learn how to take the first step
Discover the best plants to grow in your garden
Learn to evaluate assorted perennials to make an informed decision based on your needs
Get useful tips on how to set up your garden and maintain it
Discover the common mistakes beginners make and learn how to avoid them
Whether you want to establish a colorful and beautiful garden with flowers and beds or grow your own edible produce, this book will guide you every step of the way!

Download (6.3 MB):


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