Mexican food, Indian Home Cooking and Chinese Cookbook: 3 books in 1

Are you looking for a recipes cookbook all focuses on the ethnic food?
In this book you will find over 300 recipes for Indian, Chinese and Mexican food for your homemade dishes.
Yes, our own food is part of our DNA. Everybody has a dish that he loves and another that reminds him his childhood. Obviously the recipes that our grandmas used to execute just for us will always be in our hearts.

Thant being said, though, there is a whole world out there and it can be explored in several ways. One of Adele Tyler’s favorite is getting to know other foods and traditions and bring them to you.

In this cookbook there are collected over 300 recipes from various types of cousine and you will learn every secret that mouthwatering dishes can hold in order to be able to replicate them at home without mush hustle.

In this beginners’ cookbook recipes book you will discover:

Mexican food
Spices. Meat, beef and pork. Chili pepper. And way, way, way more. The Mexican food is so rich in flavors that 100 recipes will not be enough to discover them all.

Chinese food
Dumplings and hotpot are just a fraction of the super rich in flavors and taste Chinese food. You will learn its story and evolution and you will be able to cook at home impressive dishes for your family and friends

Indian food
Rice and naan are perfect examples for comfort food. The spices typical of the Indian recipes are amazing and perfectly balanced, in order to give the best expression possible for a millenarian tradition of mouthwatering food.

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