How To Recover Deleted Files From Computer



Have you accidentally deleted files from your computer which you were not supposed to delete? well, to be honest, i did multiple times & after that i had only regretted until i actually came to know that there are ways available to recover any deleted files from the hard drive & even USB drive/SD cards. In this article, i will show you a way through which you can recover any deleted files from your computer or any external drive. So, just follow the instructions given below.


  • First of all, open up THIS LINK & download the software.
  • Once you’re done downloading, open up the installer & install it normally.
  • Launch the program after installation & wait for the main window to load.
  • Once the main window is loaded, you may see the recovery wizard, click on “Cancel” button at bottom. [See Image]
  • Now in the next window select the drive you want to recover files from & Hit the “Scan” button. [See Image] (If the drive was formatted, you will have to perform a “Deep scan” which program will prompt you for.)
  • Wait for it to scan the contents of your drive & once you’re done scanning, it will show you the list of deleted files. Select files that you want to recover & hit the “Recover” button at the bottom right. [See Image]
  • Now select the directory where you want to save the recovered files & Hit the “OK” button [See Image]
  • Wait for the program to recover the deleted files & you should see a “Operation Completed” prompt when completed. [See Image]
  • That’s all, Your recovered files will be saved in the selected folder 🙂

Final Notes

You may have to perform a deep scan if prompted, to recover your files (It prompts only when you have formatted the drive). Using this software you can recover files from computer’s hard drive as well as any external drive like Pendrive or SD Card etc.

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