How To Make Bootable Windows Flash Drive



Windows is a operating system that is widely used around the world by million of users around the globe & with this, many users are having problems while windows installation, especially when they don’t have a dvd drive in their PC. Its hard to make a bootable USB flash drive to install windows on system & you can’t just do it by copy pasting because then the flash drive will not be bootable & you can’t install windows from it. But in this post, i will show you a way by which you can make a bootable flash drive using your usb & install windows, the proper way. Tutorial in this guide is simple yet powerfull to make a flash drive, So make sure to follow all steps given.


  • First of all, Download Rufus & launch it by double clicking.
  • Now, Insert your Usb drive & it will show up in rufus’s main window. (Make a backup of your data if you have any in the inserted drive, because it will be formatted before its made bootable) [See Image]
  • Click on “Partition Scheme and target system type” Dropdown menu & Select the type of partition scheme that you want. Refer to your target system configuration, if you have a MBR partition system with bios or uefi then you can leave it as it is, but if your system have uefi with GPT or MBR partition scheme, then you will have to select other options. [See Image]
  • In next dropdown menus, you can select File system type & Cluster size for Flash drive (Its recommended to Leave them as is) [See Image]
  • Now comes the main part, Check down “Quick Format”, “Create bootable Pendrive using ISO Image” & “Create extended label & icon parts”. After selected all, Click small drive icon & select bootable disk image (ISO) from your hard drive. [See Image]
  • Once you’ve done all, Hit start button & it will start making your USB drive bootable.
  • Once process is completed, you can use it to install windows on any of your systems using flash drive.

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