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In today’s world, making a website is essential for every business, it doesn’t madders local or global. Making a website can help you reach global audience staying locally. If you’re a content or article writer than making a WordPress blog can help you up to gain audience & making spare income from your website. WordPress is the most popular CMS (Content management system) out there on the internet, used by millions of users worldwide. In this post i will show you a step by step guide on how to make a website starting from domain registration to WordPress installation & hosting. So, lets jump right into the post & get it going.

Step #1 – Register Domain Name

First step of making a website is to get a domain name for your website. A domain name is a unique that identifies your website on the internet & you can read more about domain names from THIS LINK. I will be recommending Namecheap as the domain registrar in this article, as this is the best domain name provider out there with superb support representatives & they’re providing Whois protection for free. So far, this is the best website to buy domain from.


  • Head to the Namecheap website from HERE & you will see a box to search for domain, type in name & press “Search” button, then wait for the page to fetch results for you.
  • Once you hit the “Search” button, it will check if the .com domain is available & it will appear with a tick, above the search form. If .com domain isn’t available & you want to look for other TLD’s (top-level domains), then click on “Suggestions” tab & you will see a list of other domain available, for example .net & .org domains.
  • Click on Cart button next to the domain name & the selected domain name will be added to your shopping cart, click on the “View Cart” button from right sidebar & you will be sent to the next page.
  • Now, from this page, make sure that “Whois Guard” is select in the order, select for how much years you want to register the domain & then click on “Confirm Order”.
  • On next page, it will prompt you to make a account with them, create a account with them & you can use this made account to manage your domain always.
  • Once your account is made, you will be headed to the next page, click on place order & pay with your Credit/Debit card or Paypal.
  • Once you’re done buying domain, go ahead to the next step in this guide.

Step #2 – Setup Hosting

Once you’re done with domain buying process, next comes buying & setup hosting. If you can’t buy hosting, you can look for a free hosting out there, plenty of them are available on the internet. In this post, i will be showing a hosting bought & setup from Namecheap.


  • Head to the Namecheap’s Hosting Page & Click on the first plan from the list i:e Value Hosting, & click “Add To Cart” Button under the plan box.
  • On next page, click on “Use a domain i own with Namecheap” button & sign in to your account then select domain name you wanna associate with your hosting & complete the order, same as we’ve done in above steps for buying domain.
  • Your hosting will be setup by Namecheap & credentials will be sent to you as soon as its done. After you’re done with these steps, go the namecheap dashboard & next to your domain, click manage.
  • Now, in nameservers section, type in the default namecheap servers which are “” & “”, then confirm the change & wait for about an hour.
  • Once you’re done with setting up above, login to the hosting account using credentials which were mailed to you & you should see the Default cPanel page when logged in.
  • Scroll down until you see section named “Softaculous Apps Installer”. Under this section, click “WordPress” & wait for next page.
  • In next page, click on Install Now & a new page will be loaded, where you will have to select options for your WordPress website. Leave “In Directory” blank, Type in information about the website & setup a username & password for the administrator account, then scroll all the way down to the bottom & click on “Install” button.
  • Installation will begin & will be completed in a few seconds & you should see a “Successfully installed” message along with url to the administration of your website.
  • That’s it, your WordPress website is now setup. Move to the next step.

Step #3 – Basic Settings

As website was made in the last step, now comes the basic settings for wordpress to get it going. These settings will let you do some basic things for your website like website name, description, timezone & permalinks (permanent links) etc. So, follow given steps.


  • Once you’re logged in to your WordPress website, hover your mouse over settings & click “General” & wait for the page to load.
  • From this page, Set Website title & small description, then set date & time settings & select time zone for the website according to wish & click “Save Changes”
  • Now, again hover on settings & click “Permalinks” then wait for the page to load. Once loaded, select the permalink structure you want for every post, We recommend setting it to “Post name” as this helps with seo (this permalink structure is used by thousands of wordpress websites) & then click “Save changes” button on the bottom.
  • That’s it, interact with other settings & make your website awesome.

Final Notes

I recomend you to install plugins like Jetpack & All in one SEO Pack & add your website to Webmaster Console. This will help you you appear in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc & help you reach more audience. By connecting jetpack to account, you can have reports about daily pageviews. I will make a tutorial on this in a detailed format later.

Do let me know by comments if you need a guide on something & a thanks is always appreciated. 🙂

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