How To Limit Internet Bandwidth Used By Windows 10 Updates



Automatic windows updates in windows 10 have been a headache for most people as there was no way available to disable them (but i have written a guide for it: Here), but there are some people out there who’re liking the updates they get from Microsoft, but wanna limit the bandwidth to specific percentage so they could enjoy their internet speeds & receive updates at the same time. if you’re one of them, then this post is for you. In this post i will show you a way by which you can limit windows updates bandwidth usage to a specific percentage.


  • Click on Start Menu & click on small “Gear” icon to open windows settings
  • Once you’re in windows settings, scroll down & click on “Updates & Security”
  • Now, click on Windows updates, scroll down a lil & click on “Advanced options” under “Updates settings” section
  • In next window, scroll down & click on “Delivery Optimization” hyperlink & wait for next window.
  • Now, from this window, scroll down again & click on “Advanced option” & wait for next window.
  • Check down checkbox under “Download Settings” & drag the bar to a specific percentage.
  • That’s it, Now updates will be limited to the specific percentage that you have selected.

Final Notes

You can monitor the bandwidth used by windows updates by clicking “Activity monitor” under “Delivery Optimization” section in the settings & it will show you a brief of how much bandwidth was spent on updates in past.

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