How To Fix Most .dll Erros While Running a Game



In today’s world we’re a fan of games, not just because of storyline but because of awesome graphics experience as well. Games are so popular now a days that everyone wants to play them but sometimes they run into a error that we don’t know, Many users who’re not advanced pc users, ends up reinstalling game & issues still persists. Games in today world comes with high graphics & for that they need dependencies in your computer to run them without running into errors. They need a few extra softwares to run properly & smoothly. Follow this guide to fix most of dll error that come up when trying to run a game.


Step #1

  • First of all Download Visual C++ Redistributable Packages
  • Extract all packages from Archive using a archiving program like WinRAR
  • Go To each & every folder & to install both 32Bit & 64Bit packages of VC++ Regist Packages [See Image]
  • Proceed to next step.

Step #2

Check if you already have DirectX installed

  • Click on “Start” & search for “dxdiag” [See Image]
  • When showed, press enter to open application
  • Once opened you may see your DirectX version (On last line of “System Information”) [See Image]

Don’t have it installed? Here’s steps to do it.

  • First of all, Download DirectX & check compatible with your hardware. (Refer to graphics card box or specifications for this)
  • Install program normally using setup. [See Image]
  • Now, restart your pc once & you should be good to go.

Final Notes

Now, error you were receiving before should not be there (unless it was a game corruption error) because you have all required dependencies installed. For all games, DirectX & Microsoft VC++ Redist is a must because it makes multimedia playing & gaming smooth. Currently, DirectX 12 is coming packed with windows 10 because its offline installer isn’t available. We’ve included a web installer because it will download DirectX compatible with your hardware, so we strongly recommend you to install through it.

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