How To Encode A Video In HEVC (H.265) Using Handbrake


Video encoding is basically a process of converting a video to a digital format which is compatible with most Video Players, Web Players & Mobile devices. While encoding a video, using latest codec is always a smart choice because latest codecs are made with a hardware accelerated way. Currently, HEVC (High Efficiency Video Encoder – H.265) is the latest encoding technology available in market & it is most popular encoder now a days after H.264. HEVC is a great codec for video producers/creaters who want to maximize the video quality & minimize the costs. Videos encoded with HEVC have a amazing HD quality requires less disk space, therefore storage costs will be less. Today’s post is all about a tutorial on how you can encode/convert your video to HEVC using Handbrake.


  • First of all download Handbrake & Install it in your pc.
  • Now, Open up Handbrake.After main form is loaded, click on “Open Source” button at top & select the video file that you want to encode. [See Image]
  • Now, after selecting file in Handbrake, Click on Video tab & you should see bunch of options in it. Click on “Video Codec” dropdown menu & select “H.265” & Make sure that under “Framerate (FPS)” option, “Peak Framerate” is selected. [See Image]
  • Under “Quality” you can define a Average Bitrate for your video or you can just use default settings (its all upto your requirements), but if you’ve select Average Bitrate, then make sure that “2 Pass Encoding” & “Turbo First Pass” are checked. (For an example i’ve selected Average bitrate to 2000 kbps) [See Image]
  • Now, Under “Optimise Video” move that slider to “Slower” (slower the process, less the size). [See Image]
  • At this point, go to “audio” tab & make sure that audio codec is selected as “AAC (avcodec) & change bitrate of audio (its all upto you to interact with those settings). [See Image]
  • On “File destination” Click on “Browse” button & select where you want to save the file & in which format (Mp4 or M4v) [See Image]
  • Now, hit the “Start Encode” button & wait for your video to be encoded. (You can see a progress bar at bottom of the program). [See Image]
  • This encoding process will be slow (Depends on filesize, hardware & selected settings), So you can go out while your video is being encoded. Once its finished, you should see a “Queue Finished” Label at botton.

Final Notes

There are plenty of other options available in handbrake that you can interact with to make your video even more awesome. If you’re a uploader on some website, then you can click on “Web Optimized” option to make it optimized for websites. There are many paid software out there that does the same job, but i have selected Handbrake because its open source & free to use.

That’s all for this post, i hope you’ve enjoyed reading it.

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