How To Download Windows & Office Untouched ISO Legally


Microsoft is one of the most popular operating system today with its installation on millions of computers around the globe, Although finding its iso is really tough nowadays. After microsoft have removed iso’s availablity from digital river, its very hard to find a untouched/safe iso for latest windows editions. But in today’s post i will show you a way by which you can download latest untouched iso’s legally from microsoft’s website, So just follow instructions given & you will get your desired iso.


  • First of all download Microsoft Windows & Office ISO Download Tool & extract archive using a archiving application like WinRAR/7zip
  • Now double click on “WindowsISODownloader.exe” & wait for it to load. In main window select windows version that you would like to download (from top right selection form). [See Image]
  • In next window you will see a “Select Edition” drop down menu, Click on it & select the edition you need & hit “Confirm” button to proceed.
  • Now, select desired language from “Select Language” Drop down menu & hit confirm button to proceed to the next window. [See Image]
  • Now you will see links (along with their expiration date) on the next page, Click on “Copy Link (32bit)” or “Copy Link (64bit)” button.
  • Now, Use your favourite download manager to download your ISO disk image. (Use IDM for best speeds)

Final Notes

Download iso using this tool is totally legal & since you’re downloading officially from microsoft techbench, its untouched & safe iso which you can use with your own serial key. Note that along with other windows editions you can download region specific windows editions like Windows N (Sold in European market) & Windows K (Sold in Korean market). Using this tool is totally safe & you are able to download “Microsoft Office” with this tool as well. Follow same procedure for microsoft office (might be little different) & you can download latest official untouched iso for “Microsoft Office” as well.

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