How to Disable Auto Sleep Mode in Windows 7/8/10



One of the small issue that i or many of you may have been experiencing is windows puts itself to sleep when not used for some time, This is because of a default setting in windows which first turn off your display after a specified time & then hibernates your computer & put it to sleep. In case you’ve started downloading a big file & you’re away, pc will set itself to sleep & your download will be paused in between, that’s what was happening to me. So i’ve came up with a tutorial to fix this up. Follow guide given below to fix this up for you as well.


  • First of all, Click start menu & search for “Control Panel” & open it. [See Image]
  • Now make sure that “Sort by:” is selected as “Category” & then click on “System & Security”. [See Image]
  • Now under “Power Options”, Click on “Change Battery Settings” (or you can simple click on “Power Options” itself) [See Image]
  • After you’re into battery settings window, click on “Change Plan Settings”. [See Image]
  • Now click on each dropdown menu & set them to “Never” & Once done, click on “Save changes” button at the bottom. [See Image]

Final Notes

The first option on the last step “Turn off the display” is optional but its recommended, because when  display is turned off, you can’t monitor progress of task you have started. That’s it for this tutorials, I hope you’ve liked it.

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