How To Clear Cache & Cookies in Browsers


As we visit websites with browser, it saves those websites in your history, it saves not just history but saves images, CSS & other things as cached data, which most of the times helps to load the websites even more faster because the images, design that you are trying to load are present already in your computer. This feature is best for most of the users while some users don’t like it because if they’re trying to load a website & its not loading as expected, clearing cookies & cache may help, while most of the computer users don’t know how to clear them. In this post i will show you ways to clear cache & cookies of major browsers, so just follow the procedure.


Google Chrome

  • First of all, click on Menu icon in Top-Right corner of the chrome browser & click “Settings” from the opened menu.
  • Now, scroll down & click on “Advanced” & more options will be unlocked down.
  • Scroll down then click on “Clear Browsing History” & wait for the popup window.
  • Now, Set Time range to “All Time” (or you can select others, if you want to clear within a specific time span), then select all 3 checkboxes, i:e Browsing History, Cookies & other site data, Cached Images & Files, then hit “Clear” Button
  • Wait for it to wipe out everything & once done, restart Google Chrome (Recommended).
  • That’s it, all data will be gone.

Mozilla Firefox

  • Click on Menu icon from the top-right Corner & then click on Library.
  • Now click on “History” & then click on “Clear Recent History” & wait for the popup window.
    • Set “Time range to clear” to “Everything” & then click on the Down arrow alongside “Details”
    • Select every checkbox (recommended, but you can check the one’s you want too) & then click on “Clear Now” button.
    • Wait for the process to complete & restart firefox after done.
  • That’s it, the selected data will be wiped out from the firefox!


  • Click on Opera Icon in the Top-Left corner of the opera browser & then click on “Settings”
  • Now, click on “Privacy & Security” tab from the left sidebar & then click on “Clear browsing history”, then wait for the popup window.
  • Once loaded, Set time range to “The beginning of time” then select the third & fourth checkboxes i:e Cookies & other site data & Cached images & files & click on “Clear browsing data”.
  • Once process is complete, restart your browser (Recommended)
  • That’s it, Cached files & cookies will be wiped out of your browser.

Final Notes

Wiping out cache & cookies always helps out & it can fix any unexpected website issues too, if they’re from client side (not from server side). I have included 3 major browsers in the list, but let me know if you want me to include other browsers too (using comments) & i will surely try to include it within the guide.

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