How To Bulk Delete All Unread Emails from Gmail


Gmail is so far the best emailing service on the internet today & used by millions on users on the internet. With this, most of users have got spam emails as well & many users have thousands of unread emails in their account that they want to delete from the gmail but because there’s no straight way available, they’re forced to delete them one by one & doing this takes alot of time deleting those emails. So in this article i will show you how to bulk delete all unread emails from gmail in just 10 seconds.


  • First of all, Open up Gmail & Sign in to your account (Skip if already)
  • Now, wait for the gmail’s standard view to load (Don’t load HTML Gmail version or this won’t work)
  • Once its loaded, in the search box paste this: “(in:inbox) (is:unread)” code & hit enter. [See Image]
  • It will return all unread emails on your page with max. 50 per page, Click on select icon & then click “All” from the opened menu. [See Image]
  • Now, it will show a message saying that all 50 emails are selected. From there, click on “Select all conversations that match this search” [See Image]
  • Now click on the delete icon from upper buttons [See Image]
  • That’s all, all unread emails will be deleted from the gmail.

Final Notes

You can delete these unread emails by using the above method on the standard gmail interface only & it won’t work on the HTML version of gmail, so switch to standard gmail interface before proceeding. You can do the same to starred, muted, chats & read emails etc. by adding relevant search term in the search box, some of these terms are “ is:starred , is:read , is:muted , is:chat” & you can bulk delete emails from these folder too.

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