How To Block A Program With Windows Firewall



In some situations, we have to block some program’s access to the internet for some reason. For me, this happens so often because i am a software tester & in many cases while testing applications or testing viruses (to make guide of removal, obviously), i have to make sure that the application’s access to the internet in blocked so that if its a keylogger/trojan than it won’t leak any details of mine. Most windows users out there don’t know how to block internet access of a program in windows, as there’s many guide out there promotes other softwares rather than using the built in firewall. In this article, i will show you the method to block program with windows firewall.


  • First of all, open up the run dialog box by pressing “WIN+R” keys.
  • Type in “wf.msc” & hit the enter button from keyboard to open the windows firewall controls (You can do this with start menu search form as well) [See Image]
  • From left pane, click on “Outbound rules” & you may come up with a bunch of allowed rules list, click on “New Rule” from right window. [See Image]
  • Now, select type as “Program” & hit the next button, it will ask you for the path (folder) of the application that you want to block. Click on “Browse” button & search for the executable file. [See Image]
  • After you’re done with above step, hit the next button & it will take you to the next page. Make sure that “Block the application” is checked & hit next. In this window, make sure every checkbox is checked (for assuring proper blockage) & hit Next again. [See image]
  • In next page, it will ask you for a name & description of the program which is blocked, this is for your reference, give a name to it & fill up a short description about it (to keep it sorted with other rules) & hit the finish button. [See image]
  • That’s all, the program will be blocked by your firewall & windows won’t let it to connect to the internet.

Final notes

If the program is still connecting somewhere or if its a program where server pings the program from time to time, you may add inbound rules as well for your safety, so that it won’t let any connection come in for the program, just make sure to set the rule to “Block” connections & you will be okay.

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