Homesteading Handbook vol. 6 Food Drying: How to Dehydrate Fruit

Are You Tired of Spending a Small Fortune on Commercial Dehydrated Fruits?
If so, you’re going to want to read this helpful

The Homesteading Handbook vol. 6 provides step-by-step instructions on how to dry many of the most popular dried fruit found in stores. You can dehydrate fruit yourself at home for pennies on the dollar compared to what it would cost when you buy it dried.

The following topics are all covered in detail in this helpful handbook:
The benefits of drying fruit.
How to dry any fruit in 8 easy steps.
The nutritional value of dried fruit.
Proper washing and preparation of fruit for drying.
How to pretreat various fruits to prevent them from browning while they dry.
Solar, oven and machine drying.
How to condition dried fruit to ensure it’s evenly dried.
Pasteurizing fruit to kill off harmful organisms.
The best way to store dried fruit.
Step-by-step guides covering a variety of ways to dry 15 popular fruits.
If you aren’t drying your own fruit, you’re probably not eating as healthy as you should be. Store-bought dried fruits often contain chemical additives and added processed sugar. Learn to dry fruit at home and you’ll be able to avoid these unhealthy ingredients.


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