Grazia UK – 06 September 2021

Grazia is a weekly women’s glossy fashion magazine, with full colour photos of the latest fashion trends and labels, and bringing you news from all the best fashion shows, as well as articles and interviews on what the stars are up to, with details of their outfits, diets, relationships and more. Grazia also features articles and opinions on some of the hottest topics to grace fashion, as they appear to the expert eye of Grazia’s columnists.

Grazia was originally an Italian magazine, but branched out into England in 2005. Grazia is the Italian word for “grace”, and there’s plenty here that is graceful and sophisticated. Grazia graces our newsagents with its presence, and hoiks up the tone of the place wherever it goes. The fashion photography is beautiful, and the women are gorgeous role models to everyone who wants to look fabulous, and of course, graceful.

With hot celebrity gossip thrown into the mix as well, Grazia has everything a woman would want to know, every week! With hotter-than-hell heels, bags of bags, and dresses to die for, Grazia is your first-stop shop for all your fashion needs.

Stay on top of the game and stay trendy with Grazia. Learn where to buy the must-haves, and how much the damage is, so you can make an informed choice about the contents of your wardrobe.

From high street to fashion show, Grazia represents every (cat)walk of the fashion world. It also carries news and reviews on the best products to keep you looking young, healthy, glam and gorgeous, like skin care and hair products, and make up, of course.

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