Exotic, Authentic Iranian Recipes: Learn to Cook like Persian Chefs & Homemakers!

What types of dishes is Iran most noted for?
How are these recipes prepared by Persian chefs and cooks at home?

Can you reproduce them faithfully with ingredients available to you?

Also called Persia, Iran is a huge country that stretches all the way from the Persian Gulf to the Caspian Sea. The people there experience four seasons, much as Western countries do. The areas closest to saltwater fishing ports enjoy recipes that are generally different from those in other regions of the country.

People in Northern cities in Iran eat more sweet foods, filled with fruits including cherries and pomegranates, along with fresh herbs. In the southern region, foods tend to be sour and spicier.

Some ingredients are used all over Iran, including saffron. It is included in a great many Persian dishes. Turmeric, black pepper, rose water, mixed spices and dried lime are also favorite ingredients for chefs and home cooks alike. They are used considerably differently from one city to another. Turn the page and let’s start cooking Iranian specialties!

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