Cutting Pegan Meal: Ideas for salads and soups, filling and rich in proteins!

Are you exhausted from eating the same old, non-healthy meals that you grew up on? Are you ready for a change and want to lose weight, but hate the thought of dieting? Well, this book may be the answer to your prayers!
When you’ve tried every diet under the sun but haven’t lost a pound, the Pegan diet is the regimen you’ve been searching for.

The elements of this diet are simple: carbohydrates are limited, and proteins and fats are eaten in moderation. This regimen does not restrict calories or recommend eating only one food type. Instead, it encourages consuming a wide variety of foods every day. They include lean meat and fish, eggs, nuts, dairy, fruits, legumes, vegetables, and whole grains. Moderate exercise is also encouraged.

This book covers:
What is the Pegan diet?
The importance of proteins
What can a Pegan eat? And what cannot eat?
Protein Salads
Protein Soup
…And so much more!!!

This cookbook is a must-have for anyone wanting to start the Pegan Diet since it contains All the information you’ll need for success.

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