Critical Discourses of Old Age and Telecare Technologies

Critical Discourses of Old Age and Telecare Technologies By Gizdem Akdur
English | Learning | 2021 | PDF | 4.5 MB

This book makes an enquiry into policies surrounding old age and telecare. It contextualises telecare within the wider history of health and social care in England to build the case that there are grand narratives of old age embedded in policies.
Divided into four sections, the book covers:
• Connecting old age with telecare
• A general review of old age and telecare
• A critical enquiry into discourses and the identity of old age
• Conclusions and future directions.
The author highlights the manifestation of old age discourses in care policies, how they have been perpetuated yet also transformed in the context of telecare, and what this means about older people. The book will be of interest to students and academics in the fields of gerontology, sociology, old age studies, philosophy, social policy, health and social care policy, information systems, and critical theoreticians

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