Canology – A Modern Guide – How To Eat Healthier & Save Money By Preserving Locally-Grown Natural Foods

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Preserving foods and eating locally-grown veggies and fruits is an exciting new trend.

In the book “Canology – How To Eat Healthier & Save Money By Preserving Locally-Grown Natural Foods” you will learn:

Why preserving food will save you money on your family’s grocery bill.

How to preserve food the safe, natural way (without chemicals)

What is canning (jarring foods)?

How to preserve veggies, fruits, jams, salsas, sauces, soups, chili, applesauce, and many more cooking creations for use all-year round.

Why natural veggies and fruits are better than store-bought chemically-grown foods

How to find locally grown, healthy organic produce and fruits in your own community on a budget

How to decorate your jars to use as gifts and in gift baskets.
From the Author
I wrote this book because I know that locally-grown organic produce and fruits are better tasting and healthier than commercial grocery foods, and local produce and fruits can actually be lower cost if you buy it in season. A lot of people are getting excited about home gardening and small local farming, and canning and preserving of foods is a part of that trend. This book covers all the latest safety protocols straight from the scientists who know best and who have studied every aspect of preserving food in jars to make it safe for your family.

I also love the idea of decorating jars – which is why I put a detailed chapter on it. I have given gifts to others many times in the past that were these type of decorated food jars and baskets. When I first started giving basket gifts I was buying them for about $100 from a local store, and with the tips I’ve given in this book you can make these same high quality baskets for less than ten dollars and brighten up somebody’s day.

About the Author
David Lieder is an investigative journalist, a novelist and an authority on many topics that he writes about in articles, blog posts and books. In addition, he is a long-time music composer/producer and a spiritual teacher. He studies history and international government as a hobby. He is involved in supporting meaningful charities and causes around the world.


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