Air Fryer Cookbook for Two: 250 Effortless, Perfectly Portioned Recipes | Fry, Bake, Grill & Roast Your Favorite Meals

Cooking for two just got easier with the Air Fryer Cookbook for Two!!!
Craft delicious and healthy meals for you and a loved one in less time than traditional cooking methods. Air fryers are becoming popular due to the large reduction in cooking times, the healthier cooking methods reducing your food’s fat content, and the benefit of creating less of a mess when using this trusty kitchen appliance.

Using an air fryer means fewer dishes to clean up and less work for you in the kitchen. Spend more time with your loved one and less time in the kitchen by popping delicious and healthy food into your air fryer.

In this book you will find:

250 perfectly portioned recipes for two people
Shopping and meal prep ideas for two!
Categorized and alphabetized recipes for “quick find”
A beginner’ s guide to air frying
much much more…
You can choose from breakfast meals to lunch, dinner, treats, and desserts in this extensive cookbook. There are very few limitations when using an air fryer, and with so many recipes to choose from, you can easily make it your number one cooking appliance.

Enjoy the crunch and the crispiness of fried foods without the high-fat content and discover the vast recipes you can create with an air fryer. Save yourself from making any mistakes when cooking your meals, and learn from these tried and tested methods!

Download (38.5 MB):


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